Are you looking for affordable services in the field of translation and do you want to maintain professional quality?

Translation is the main fielda of our agency. We offer translations of all kinds in a very high quality and at the lowest prices in the market.

We perform translations of general, but also of professional documents within express deadlines.

We provide translations at the lowest prices. Now we offer favourable translations into English, German and Czech (only for CZK 270) and even lower prices for our regular customers - only CZK 240 per standard page.

Our translators

Translations are taken care of by our proven translators with longstanding experience.

There are countless industries on the world market today. Especially large companies have daily interactions with translations in various fields. It is very important to be able to distinguish whether general, technical or certified translations are concerned. Not every translator is perfectly familiar with the terminology of a relevant field. Therefore, we choose the translators who are perfectly familiar with the relevant area – only in this way can we ensure the best quality translation services.

Always only one translator works on a contract, ensuring the use of common terminology throughout the entire contract. 

We offer the following in the field of translation:

  • translations of general and technical texts: instructions for use and manuals, websites, theses, technical instructions, technical reports, commercial terms and conditions, certificates, and other technical translations;
  • translation of legal, judicial and business documents: contracts, legislative acts, decrees, powers of attorney, regulations, business proposals, financial statements, expert reports, school reports, birth certificates and more;
  • translation of artistic texts: fiction, interviews, stories, song lyrics and film subtitles.

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Translation - prices

slovenština190 Kč/NS
angličtina, němčina, čeština, ruština, ukrajinština, polština290 Kč/NS
francouzština, španělština, běloruština, srbština, chorvatština350 Kč/NS
italština390 Kč/NS
turečtina, makedonština450 Kč/NS
japonština550 Kč/NS

See the complete price list of our services.

  • All prices are exclusive of VAT.
  • Our accounting and calculation procedures are based on the number of standard pages (SP) of the document submitted for translation.
  • We round up to the whole standard page.

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