We are looking for translators, translation work

We are looking for translators for long-term cooperation regarding the aforementioned languages translated by our translation agency and also for other, new languages which are not yet on our list. The work will be assigned to translators online - advantage of working from home - freelance translator.
We require previous translation or proofreading experience.

Most in demand and most important for us:

  • translator of English
  • translator of German
  • translator of French
  • translator of Croatian
  • translator of  Spanish.

We are looking for native speakers and proofreaders

We immediately accept proofreaders for the English, German and Czech languages. The corrector must have a very good command of the language and terminology. We require proofreading experience. We prefer proofreaders - native speakers - of the respective language.

In addition, we are looking for long-term cooperation:

  • proofreaders and translators - English native speakers
  • proofreaders and translators - German native speakers
  • proofreaders and translators of other languages such as French, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Polish, Danish, Italian, Croatian, Turkish, Macedonian, Japanese and more.

We are looking for translators and court translators

Starting immediately, we accept external court translators providing a round stamp. The court translator receives a translation by e-mail or mail which he subsequently translates, stamps and provides with his seal, and then sends it back to the customer.

It is a long-term cooperation on the basis of which we provide court translators with more orders within a short period of time.


If you are interested in long-term cooperation with our translation agency Překlady Ihned, please contact us immediately at E-mail info@prekladyihned.cz.

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